OBE Program

The Organismal Biology and Ecology (OBE) program is home to faculty and students interested in topics emphasizing ecology, evolution, physiology, and behavior.  Research questions in this program focus on organisms, populations, or communities, on ecological and evolutionary processes structuring these levels, and on links among levels.

Ecology: Berger, Callaway, Ezenwa, Foresman, Greene, Hauer, Hutto, Janson, Kimball, Lowe, Maron, Martin, Sala, Stanford

Evolution: Allendorf, Dial, Ezenwa, Emlen, Fishman, Good, Greene, Janson, Kukuk, Lowe, Luikart, Martin, Woods

Physiology: Breuner, Bromenshenk, Callaway, Dial, Emlen, Martin, Sala, Tobalske, Woods

Behavior: Breuner, Bromenshenk, Dial, Ezenwa, Greene, Janson, Kukuk , Tobalske

Admissions information and program requirements